Why Join A Classic Car Club

May 10, 2021

Why Join A Classic Car Club

As the owner of a classic car, there’s a lot of good reasons for joining a club. But before you do, take a moment, and think about what you want to get from it.

A local club with regular meetings – even though not all of them may have the same interests or vehicles?

A national club – with specific interest in your chosen vehicle.

Benefits of local clubs.
Local clubs are likely to host social evenings and have other members willing to offer hands-on help or advice. Other owners can offer tips and advice on things they have learned the hard way and might know of local garages and parts suppliers that can help.

For example, emphasis at the Kent Kit Car Club is firmly geared towards socialising, as well as helping each other out with technical know-how. Regular events such as indoor games and quiz nights run side-by-side with talks from manufacturers and suppliers..

The Crash Box & Classic Car Club down in Devon costs £20 a year to join and as well as running the Historic Vehicle Gathering at Powderham Castle also supports local community colleges with classic car restoration projects. It also organizes club nights, lunch meetings, holidays and weekend breaks and runs out.

Many people join both a local and a national club to get the best of both worlds.

Benefits of national clubs.
There are plenty of national clubs and they are often vehicle or model specific, for example the Morris Minor Owners Club – designed entirely for those who share a fondness for the timeless and most quintessentially British of motorcars.

Many of the national clubs have lots to offer owners and enthusiasts. You can often get technical help and advice on very specific issues – in relation to your vehicle. Most clubs have online forums where you can get help, advice, parts and even similar vehicles to what you want.

If your vehicle has been off road for a number of years and has no Logbook, a car club can help restore an original registration that has been lost or removed in the past. You can see which clubs are approved to operate this as part of the DVLA List of Vehicle Owners Clubs.

Car clubs can also help you save money on your insurance. Most classic car insurance companies understand that members of car clubs cherish and look after their vehicles in a way that modern car owners don’t. In turn this normally attracts a better rate when it comes to insuring your pride and joy.

If you’re looking for a Mercedes Benz owners club, then we would highly recommend the ‘Official Mercedes-Benz Owners Club’. It’s an excellent source for information, events and resources. Phoenix Car Works is a member and listed under recommended garages as it has been nominated by other members who have used our services. Paul of Phoenix Car Works is also a member.