Is E10 Fuel Good For MY Classic Car

September 27, 2021

Is E10 Fuel Good For MY Classic Car

E10 fuel is becoming the new standard for petrol in the UK, replacing E5 as the ‘Premium’ petrol grade available at the pump. This is something classic car owners should be aware of, as E10 fuel will not be compatible with classic vehicles.

Although E10 won’t work for your classic, the Department for Transport have promised to ensure that E5 ‘will remain available at all filling stations that supply at least 2 grades of petrol as the higher-octane ‘Super’ grade’.

What Is E10 Fuel
Simply, it’s a more environmentally-friendly type of fuel. It gets its name because it is made up of 90% regular unleaded fuel and 10% bioethanol.

What Is Bioethanol
Bioethanol is a renewable energy source made from the fermentation of organic substances, including crops such as sugarcane and grains, as well as their by-products. At the moment, standard unleaded fuel (E5) only contains up to 5% bioethanol.

How Will This Affect My Classic Car
It’s estimated that up to 600 000 cars on UK roads which aren’t fully compatible with E10 fuel. Of these, only around 150,000 were made after 2000. It is commonly believed that any car registered before 2002 won’t work well with E10. In some cases, you could still use E10 fuel in an incompatible car to make it run. However, over time the corrosive properties of bioethanol may harm the seals, metals and plastics of your vehicle.

Standard E5 unleaded fuel will still be available at pumps across the country and it will also be mandatory for E10 fuel to be labelled clearly, so that you can avoid accidentally using it to fill up your classic. So keep your eyes peeled for clear signage that will help you identify which type of fuel you’re using, and to avoid damaging your classic.