Mercedes-Benz R107

We’re very lucky to have had not one, but two, established classic cars from Mercedes. These two red R1O7 Mercedes Benz SL models are in the possession of two different owners but here with us for similar reasons.

BMW 840i

Another visit from a regular customer. This beloved (and much modified) BMW 840i is with us this time to get some light rust removed from major under-body components.

Classic Austin

This classic Austin was in for paint work restoration and is now complete

BMW 840i

A real treat this time! A fantastic BMW 840i with lots of trick upgrades – a fantastic example of what can be done with a classic car restoration.

Morris Minor

We were happy to welcome a new customer this week! They brought in a genuine Morris Minor, affectionately referred to as ‘Maud’.

Mercedes Benz SL350 (R230 Model)

Customer has brought in this very low mileage SL for us to investigate and sort out water leaks into the boot area. These car’s have a very complicated but reliable folding roof system giving the car a very attractive look with both the roof closed and open.

Toyota Celica GT-Four (WRX)

Customer has chosen Phoenix Car Works Limited to carry out a full repair & repaint to his rare and classic Toyota.