Essential Summer Driving Tips

Driving in hot weather, particularly heatwave conditions, can be a risk to the health and safety of drivers and passengers. So here’s our top tips to stay safe (and cool) on the roads this summer.

Getting Your Classic Ready For Summer

The sun is shining, temperatures are rising and your pride and joy is calling your name. But before you do, it’s wise to make a few checks first…

Mercedes-Benz R107

We’re very lucky to have had not one, but two, established classic cars from Mercedes. These two red R1O7 Mercedes Benz SL models are in the possession of two different owners but here with us for similar reasons.

BMW 840i

Another visit from a regular customer. This beloved (and much modified) BMW 840i is with us this time to get some light rust removed from major under-body components.

Why Join A Classic Car Club

As the owner of a classic car, there’s a lot of good reasons for joining a club. But before you do, take a moment, and think about what you want to get from it.

Tips For Buying A Classic Mercedes

Maybe it’s the car you dreamed about during your school days, maybe it’s the idea of restoring a rundown classic to its former glory, or maybe it’s just an opportunity to make a profit in the future.

Classic Austin

This classic Austin was in for paint work restoration and is now complete